How to buy computer case?

Buy computer case that serves you well. If you want to know more, here is a basic concept you should know when you replace or buy computer case.

Are you looking to buy computer case that satisfies your current need – both in its function and external beauty? If so, we will answer it together in the following article.

What is a computer case?

Computer case is used to house all the components of computer except monitor, keyboard and mouse. It is designed to hold the parts so that each component easily connects to the main board.

There are different kinds of cases available on the market which differs in size and shape. Like we do have different form factors of motherboard and power supply, computer case also have its own shape and dimension. Not all cases are made for every type of motherboard and power supply we find on the market.

If you want to build your own system, care should be taken when you choose a case. The power supply and motherboard form factor should match with the form factor of computer chassis. Though most cases come with power supply, you may come across with cases that don’t include this.

Types of computer cases

The most common types of cases are full tower (vertically oriented cases and put on the floor), mini-tower and desktop (oriented horizontally and ideal for putting on a table). This designation is made based on the size of the cases.

For example, Full tower case may take more space than the desktop, but it has more space inside to put more devices such as secondary hard drives, DVD drives, burners and so on. It is also flexible for future upgrading.

How to select and buy computer case?

Cases can be selected according to the motherboard type they designed for, commonly called form factor. The form factor dictates the type of case we are going to choose. Currently, ATX, microATX, and NLX are the popular cases used in modern computer systems. ATX type cases are more preferable and accepted on most systems.

Depending on your choice, you may pick a case that satisfies your current need. However, your selection should be based on the type of motherboard and power unit you are going to use.

Generally, when you want to buy computer case, remember the following factors:

  • Case must match with your motherboard and power supply. This is the most important factor you can’t pass by easily. Your motherboard must fit into a case of your choice. Exceptionally, there are cases which are flexible enough to accommodate more than one type of motherboards.
  • Go for tower type case if you don’t have space limitations, since it is very flexible for adding additional devices and future upgrade.
  • Select cases that let you have enough space to maintain and repair your computer inside parts. Very slim cases are difficult for maintenance and put in additional peripherals.
  • Look for a pc case that satisfies your color choice (there are varieties of cases available with different color and shape)
  • You can choose barebones computers which are half-built computers fitted with case, power unit and motherboard. Read more on barebones computer here.


Though it is mostly one of the neglected part in a computer system, computer case is the main component which holds all the inside parts together. You must know the factors mentioned above to buy computer case. I hope this helps a lot when you go out and hunts for the right computer case.