Choosing best anti virus program

Knowing the basic features of an anti virus program enables you to choose the best anti virus program among from several security programs available on the net. Actually, it is very confusing to select the right one because each anti-virus program developers claim that their product is efficient in detecting and removing malwares.

However, the truth is the other way. Not all anti virus programs have the same capability, which therefore requires your knowledge to select the best AV program.

And that is why people are always asking for help in online forums and blogs. Often, when you go out to purchase AV program you will soon realize that different rank is given at different review sites on the same anti-virus program, which leaves anyone in dilemma.

In this article, we will point out some tips about choosing the best anti virus program and the things you should keep in mind related with AV programs.

The main purpose of best anti virus program is to prevent/guard your computer digital data from possible malware attacks. Malware includes viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, key logger and other malicious codes. Each type of malicious code is different in its behavior and the damage it brings to your system. Apart from virus protection, some of the best anti virus program incorporate additional features such as optimizing system setting.

Features of best anti virus program

Any anti-virus program should incorporate the necessary features that enable you to keep your computer from malware threat.

Here are the essential parts of AV program:-

- Virus signature data base

Anti-virus signature database is the most important part of any AV program. It holds the information of past malware signature, this enables the AV to detect and remove easily.

- Detection capability (all malicious codes)

This is also the other feature of anti-virus program. Even though the AV program is unable to remove new malware, it should detect the new virus and quarantine it until new virus definition is released. Usually, when an anti-virus program identifies a virus, it deletes the virus, heals the infected file or quarantine if unable to delete or remove it.

- The accessibility of Regular update definition

Regular virus definition is a must part of anti-virus program. Each day, several types of viruses are released; to prevent your system from new malwares your anti-virus signature database should be updated daily, weekly and monthly.

- Other advanced features

These advanced features are only found in the best anti-virus program. File encryption, firewall, backup capability, phishing, browser trace deletion, spam filtering, parental control, web, file and application monitoring are some of the most important essentials built in with best AV programs.

Tips to choose the best anti virus program

To ease the selection and get the best anti virus program as possible, here I have listed some tips that may lead you to the right anti-virus program.

  • Make sure that it identifies almost all malware including spyware
  • Have strong virus signature database
  • Ease of use
  • That doesn’t consume system resource
  • Virus definition availability and accessibility
  • Regular program update
  • Built in with additional utilities such as parental control, firewall and browser protection

What are the top anti-virus programs? (Only commercial versions)

You may come across with better AV program apart from mentioned below. This is based on the review made at most reputable sites and from my experience.

Norton Internet Security

Built in with the necessary features, Symantec line of anti-virus products are the best in detecting and removing anti-virus comparing to other AV programs. However, sharing system resource is the major problem of Symantec anti-virus program which significantly slows down system performance. Now, this problem is resolved in the newest versions.

Kaspersky Internet Security

One of the best features of Kaspersky is the capability of detecting both existing and new malware. However, it slightly has an impact on system performance that we used to experience in Symantec products.

AVG Internet Security

I am using AVG on one of my computer, it is the other best anti-virus program I put in my list. It is easy to install and updating can be done either by connecting to the internet or downloading the definitions. AVG has also free version available for personal use.

MacAfee Total protection

Built in with additional features such as spyware detection, MacAfee is also an exceptional anti-virus program though updating its virus definition make it difficult. Also it is one of the best AV programs that do not share system resource.


Other Anti-virus programs include Avast, AVira, Trend Micro, Zone Alarm, F-secure and panda. I have been using Avast and Avira AV programs as well; however, both programs are not smart enough in healing infected system file and exe programs; instead it deletes the necessary file which affects system stability.


Installing the best anti-virus program is not something you should hesitate about. It is a must, if you actually want to keep your PC and data from damage and corruption.

In the above article, I believe that I have outlined the fundamental features of best AV program. You may also read other related articles below.