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Online Business Success and SBI Review

Welcome! And thanks for visiting my website.

I'm an IT administrator and CAD Technician at a local engineering company. For over a decade, I've been maintaining, repairing and troubleshooting computers. I see myself as a technology student always seeking new knowledge about computers and technology. I love playing and experimenting and also do graphics in my spare time.

In the modern world, computers have become part of everyday life and no single task is accomplished without using this awesome machine. Aware of this, I decided to put what I know about computer maintenance and related technology on a website called to provide basic PC maintenance tips to users so that they can manage most PC problems at home. In addition to creating a web presence, this site also earns an income which brings me to the reason for this page.

Most people have knowhow that could be used to earn income. What's exciting is, if you stand out from the crowd, you may even be able to replace your day job income. This Site Build It review (Site Build It = SBI for short) was written to show you how you might be able to do it.

SBI Review

I built this site using SiteSell's Site Build It, a business-building system that helps you build an online business based on knowledge you have from a job, a hobby or life experience. If you want to make money from the knowledge you have, Site Build It can help. Here's how:

Training Provided, No Previous Knowledge Required. If you can use email and find your way around the Internet, SBI can help you extend those skills and life knowledge to build a legitimate web-based business. It teaches you everything from the bottom, up and from how to cultivate a profitable idea, to how to find products to sell and how to sell them.

Support. Building a business is hard work. It's true what they say, that it's lonely at the top. Sure, it can be tough going it by yourself, but with SBI, you rub elbows with other business owners in a help-and-be-helped atmosphere. SBI customers come from all over the world and each one is the owner of his or her own business. With a diverse portfolio of topics, cultures, attitudes and viewpoints, SBIers come together to learn, build and overcome challenges. It's nice to have people behind you, helping you on the road to success. Other business-oriented places can be unfriendly and rife with self-interest. Then there are those trying to sell you everything under the sun, moon and stars. The forums at SBI are friendly and the folks there work to keep you on track. If you need specialized help, tech support is there when you need it.

Software. Site Build It includes everything you need to get started in business, including the software to create stunning designs. It's true that back in the day, some SBI sites weren't all that pretty. Looks aren't everything because some of those ugly ducklings got amazing traffic. With the advent of Block Builder 2 (aka BB2), those days are over and now there's no reason for having anything but a gorgeous site. BB2 is a powerful, yet easy to use site designer and page builder. No need to know coding, you just drag and drop elements or slide things around to try different variations. If you're one of those who don't have time or ability to use it, don't worry. There are many design templates to choose from, some of which are responsive so you can have exquisite, high quality layouts that display very professionally on mobile devices.

Despite the many tools available with Site Build It, not everyone succeeds and there's a reason for that. Liken SBI to an assistant. It doesn't do the work for you and isn't a push-button route to success. (Nothing like that exists and if it did, its cost would be astronomical.) It's there to guide you and make your road easier. While it won't do the walking for you, it can help you get a lot more distance out of your stride.

Is Site Build It for you? The answer to that question is probably best answered by yourself. Have you succeeded online yet? If not, you should give SBI a try. The comprehensive knowledge could be the ticket that gets you to the point of success. If you're new, you could have a home-based business you can work on anytime day or night. Keep in mind, you are protected by a 90-day money back guarantee. It's worth a shot!

One last thing before you go. If you check out Site Build It or SBI, you'll likely find some SBI Reviews by happy customers telling you about it. You'll also find some Site Build It Reviews that aren't so positive. If you read the one's titled Site Build It Scam or SBI Scam, notice how much anger is used. Don't be fooled into thinking they're legit. They're not "complaining". They go way beyond being unhappy customers who want things rectified. Maybe now that I've pointed this out, you'll see their act for what it is.

Whatever you decide, I wish good luck and a prosperous future. I highly recommend Site Build It for online business success. When you're ready, you can download Site Build It here.

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