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Intel Celeron processor


Intel Celeron processor is a processor designed for low budget computer. This type of processor first developed based on Pentium II core then it was branded on Pentium III, IV, Pentium M and core 2 duo processors. In 2011 Intel introduced Celeron processor based on core ix series processor.

Though some of the Celeron versions are now out of the market, several types of Celeron processors are installed in both desktop and laptop computers. These varieties of processors are sometimes very confusing for a user to choose the well performing CPU among the Celerons.

However, Knowing the common features comes with the Celeron family processor will ease the selection.

Intel Celeron processor main features

Celeron processors can be distinguished based on their packages

- Pentium II based Celeron

- Pentium III based Celeron

- Pentium Iv based Celeron

- Core 2 processors based Celeron

Under core 2 processor family, the Celeron’s are available in single and dual core processor package.

Some of the features of core 2 Celeron’s are the following:-

- 512 KB of shared L2 cache

- Up to 1066 MHz Front Side Bus,

- Two independent processor cores in one package (for dual-core Celeron processor)

- Wide Dynamic Execution

- Advanced Digital Media Boost

- Smart Memory Access

- Advanced Smart Cache (for dual-core Celeron processor only)

Drawbacks of Intel Celeron processor

Comparing to other Intel’s processors types, the performance of Celeron processor family is lower.

This is due to the following factors:-

- Less cache memory

- Low clock speed

- High-end processor features are not available (hyper threading and multitasking capability)

- Low Front Side Bus (FSB) speed

Advantages of Celeron processor

Even though, Celeron is a low budget and poor performing CPU, it is ideal for those can’t afford to buy high-end computer. We can use computers with Celeron CPU for non-intensive tasks such as email, browsing, Office applications and non-resource demanding programs.

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