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Dell laptop memory upgrade guide

Upgrading your dell laptop memory is the fastest and easiest method to speed up your laptop performance. Usually when laptop gets aged it requires some maintenance and upgrading in order to continue your work with it. One of the ways is memory upgrade.

So, how are you going to upgrade your laptop memory? This article tells you how to do it.

Firstly, you need to know your laptop memory type, capacity, number of slots on the motherboard and memory speed (optional).

Memory type
DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 SDRAM are the most common types of memory used in modern laptop computers, though DDR3 memory type is not common in old systems. Now it is the popular memory type in recent systems.

How do you know your Dell laptop memory type?
Here are some of the ways:-

  1. Refer your system manual

  2. Read the label tag on the existing memory chip

  3. You can also find the data sheet for your laptop memory type, size and speed by entering memory tag number on search engines.

Memory size
Memory size is skyrocketing to meet the demand of current application. Presently memory chips are available in several capacities: 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB are the most common memory chips available on the market.

Maximum memory supported (expandability)
You dell laptop computer has maximum limitation of memory usage. Some recent systems support up to 8GB memory and some others up to 4GB. If you install a memory chip greater than the system supports, your laptop either won’t recognize it or Windows won’t start. Keep in mind this when you buy memory chip.

Speed of memory is the other factor you should understand. Regarding the speed of memory, you must install a memory with the same speed of the existing memory or higher. You may consult your system manual for additional information.

Total available memory slots
This is the number of slots available on the motherboard. The more slots you have in your laptop the better. Some laptops have only one slot and most laptop models have two slots.

For your reference, here I have listed memory information for some of the models of Dell laptops. Your laptop model might not be listed here, but, it would help you to work out yours as well.

The list mentions:-

  1. The type of memory used in Dell laptop model,

  2. The number of available Dell laptop memory slots and maximum memory supported by the laptop model can be checked by referring the system manual or visiting vendor website.

Here are some of the Dell laptops and their memory type


Memory Type

Total Memory Slots available

Maximum memory supported

Dell Inspiron M101z


Dell Inspiron 14


Dell Inspiron 14R


Dell Inspiron 15


Dell Inspiron 15R


Dell Inspiron 17R


Dell Inspiron M501R


Dell Inspiron 14 (1440)


Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1018) Netbook


Dell Studio 14 (1458)


Dell Studio 15 (1558)


So far we have discussed about the essentials related with laptop memory before upgrading your dell laptop memory.

In general, whether you have HP, Toshiba or Dell laptop computer, you should know the type of memory used in your laptop before going out for purchasing.

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