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Dell computer troubleshooting steps

What are the main steps of dell computer troubleshooting? How do you deal with your Dell computer if something is goes wrong with the system? A computer may stop working because of hardware and software problem. Some of the problems could not be found easily which in other words requires using diagnosing tools.

If you suspect that, your Dell computer has defective hardware, but do not know which one, then you came to the right place.

In this article, we will see dell computer troubleshooting steps using Dell diagnostics CD and how to isolate the defective component accordingly. Usually, Dell diagnostics CD is supplied with a brand computer when purchasing or can be downloaded from Dell website.

Ok let us go and see how we are going to diagnose each components of Dell desktop computer.

Ok let us go and see how we are going to diagnose each components of Dell desktop computer.

One tool you need before troubleshooting your Dell computer is

- Dell Diagnostics CD

This CD normally comes with your computer, but if you lost it, it can be downloaded from vender site. For this dell computer troubleshooting guide, I am using a Diagnostics CD supplied with Dell Optiplex620.

Step 1

Insert Dell Diagnostics CD into your CD drive and restart the computer. Make sure that your computer boot sequence arranged in a way that starts from CD drive, if not, depending on your system type you may go to either BIOS or Boot Device menu by pressing F2 or F12 key.

In my case, I pressed F12 to get Boot Device Menu screen as shown below. Select “Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive” from the list using UP/Down arrows and press Enter, this will lead to the next screen.


The next screen prompts you to choose whether you want to boot from the hard drive or CD Rom. Since we want to diagnose our computer, we select NO 2 to Boot our computer from CD Rom, so press No 2 key on our keyboard.


On the next screen, you must choose No 1 “Run the 32 bit Dell Diagnostics” to activate dell computer troubleshooting application. See below…


Step 2

The diagnosing application will scan your computer hardware and brings a dialogue box that enables you to choose the type of test you want to carry out.


There are four types of tests available, these are:-

- Express test

- Extended test

- Custom test

- Symptom test

Express test diagnose the common hardware devices in a system. The extended test is much broader than the express test and takes more time. In this method, each device is thoroughly tested. The custom test carried out based on your choice of device to be tested. For example, if you suspect that system memory has a problem, you can only test that particular device. The last option is symptom test, which allows you to perform the test based on the symptom of the problem you are having.

You may choose the desired test type and let it run to diagnose and identify the malfunction part while you are doing other work. The result is displayed on the screen or can be saved as log file on your computer.



As we already discussed in the above dell computer troubleshooting guide, it is easy to diagnose and identify the defective hardware part using the factory available utility disc. However, this diagnostics CD is not for other computer brands. If you have other brand, you either search on its vender site or use third party application programs.

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