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List of basic computer terms

Here are the remaining list of basic computer terms . Here I have listed some of the most common glossary of computer terms. I am not saying that this is a complete list; however, these are the most popular computer terms found on the net.



Internet is the largest wide area network in the world which links millions of computers. Through internet information can be shared, business can be conducted and research can be done.


Intranet is a company’s private network (internet) which encompasses one or more local area networks (LAN). It works the same like public internet, but the content is restricted to the company’s users only.


Keyboard is one of computer components which used to input data to a computer. It is called an input device.


Local Area Network (LAN) is the smallest type of network built at the office or home level.

Laptop (notebook) computer

Laptop is small and lightweight computer in which all the main parts fitted into single unit. It is designed to carry it around. Particularly, it is ideal for travelers, journalists, commentators and professionals who want to work both at the office and home.

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Memory cards

Memory cards are used to serve as a storage media in digital cameras, mobile phones, video cameras and other digital devices. The cards differ in type and size. The most popular are MMC, CF (compact flash), SD (secure digital), mini-SD, RS-MMC, SM, MS-Pro and MS Pro Duo.

Metropolitan Area Network

Metropolitan area network is a type of network that connects computers and devices in the range of a campus or city.


Modem is a telecommunication device that converts digital signals to analog and vice versa. It is used in dial-up internet connection to connect telephone line to a computer.

When data is translated from digital to analog, it is called modulation; translating data from analog to digital is called demodulation.

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Computer Monitor is an output device on which information is displayed. Two types of computer monitors are available: LCD and CRT.


Computer motherboard is the core of a computer system. It is the circuit board where all other parts connect. It communicates and controls the overall system. No motherboard means no computer system.


Computer mouse is a pointing input device which used to select and click icons on computer monitor.

MP3 player

MP3 player is a multimedia portable player which stores, organize and play music and videos. Apple product, iPod, is the most popular player available on the market.

Network Card

Network card is a device fitted on computer motherboard which serves as an interface between computers to connect each other.

PAN (Personal area network)

Personal area network is a wireless network that connects devices in a short range, usually 30 feet.

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Password is a series of characters used to protect resources in a computer from unauthorized access. It is one of the ways to secure computer information from unauthorized users.

Processor (CPU – central processing unit)

Processor is the most important computer component where all computing calculations executed. Commonly, it is called the “brain” of a computer.


Scanner is an input device used to convert hardcopy images and texts in to a digital format.


Server is a type of computer specifically designed for network and internet applications. The role of the server is to manage the network and provide services such as sharing files and devices to the workstation or client computers. Server is more powerful and sophisticated than the standard computer.


Shareware is copyrighted software available for free. The demo or the trial version can be downloaded freely and used for a limited time. You must pay to get the full version of the program. Trial version is one way of promoting application product.

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Software is set of instructions developed by programming language which tells a computer what to do.


Speaker is a device that outputs computer sound. The sound generated by a computer depends on the type and quality of sound card fitted into the system.

System software

System software controls the overall operation of a computer. Some of the activities include managing system memory, controlling system resources, executing computer hardware functions and interfacing a user with computer hardware and applications.

Commonly, it is called Operating System. Microsoft dominates the system software industry. Windows XP, Vista, and 7 are widely used system software. Other popular operating systems include Mac OS, UNIX, Solaris, Linux and Red Hat Linux.


Wide Area Network (WAN) is a type of network that connects large geographic zones. The connection is accomplished through satellite, microwave and cabling. Usually, Internet is referred as the largest wide area network.

Webcam (Web camera)

Webcam is a camera built in with laptop computer to generate images or see each other online when chatting. It can be purchased separately and put on desktop computers as well.

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