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PC Tips, #001 -- How to format a computer? Free guide to download!
October 03, 2012

Thanks for subscribing to
the How to format a computer
guide and PC tips newsletter.
The guide will take you through
each formatting steps with screen shots.

If you missed your download link,
here is the link to download your free guide:-

Windows XP users use the following link:-
Windows XP format guide

Windows 7 user use the following link:-
Windows 7 format guide

After you finish formatting your computer, don’t forget to download Driver Navigator.

download Driver Navigator here

Driver navigator:-

  • Auto detect unknown device drivers
    and install the right driver,
    no need to search internet yourself
  • Install up-to-date driver for
    all devices from its more than 2 million
    driver database (Audio & Sound Driver,
    Video & Graphic Driver, Printer & Multifunction Driver,
    Scanner Driver, Bluetooth Driver, Network & Wireless Driver,
    Webcam Driver, USB Device etc…)
  • Keep existing device drivers up-to-date

  • By installing updated driver:-
    • you can install recent software,

    • you can work on your computer without problem and avoid installation errors

    • You can install new devices easily

    • I highly recommend installing
      Driver Navigator to solve
      any computer driver problem.

      download Driver Navigator here

      Best regards
      H. Peter
      All About Computer Parts

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